Sunday, July 1, 2007

E. MexiKinney St. Taco Crawl #1: Veronica's Cafe

In our lovely home of Denton, TX, East McKinney street is full of small taquerias, most of which are not frequented by we gringos. To bridge the cultural divide and fill our bellies, Bryan (Tre Orsi's drummer) and I are making our way up McKinney St., hitting every single taqueria and cafe.

Stop #1 was Veronica's Cafe, today at 3:30. They were out of a lot of stuff. Note to self: must wake up earlier.

  • Carne con chile taco: C+. Not bad, not that exciting, either. This is their "spicy" beef?
  • Lengua taco: C-. Not flavorful enough. Like my mom's brisket. (Sorry, mom!)
  • Salsa: B. Consistency like Mexican Sriracha.
  • Service: A
They do their morcilla Mexcian-style, as one would suppose. They were out, so no dice.

(I should add that the only time I've had morcilla was in Valencia, Spain. There, it's a sausage made of pig heart, lungs, neck, blood, and spices. Was served in a super-light crepe, drizzled with honey.

I asked the guy at Veronica's how he makes it: "Just blood.")

Also of note: our friend, Mariel Tam, (who knows her gastronomy like no one's business), says: "The caldo de pescado from Veronica's cured my case of mono. For like a day, anyway. It is fabulous."

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