Tuesday, April 10, 2007

cheap frozen southern tasty

When in Durham, we followed sound advice from Lalitree Darnielle and walked to Loco Pops. Here it is on a map.

It's at the corner of Hillsborough and Fifteenth Streets, and it was about maybe a half mile or slightly more walk from the Duke Campus to the little storefront. Decorations are toddler-minimalist drawings, and the well windowed front lets sunlight fill this temple of frozen-tasty-on-a-stick.

In 10 minutes, I ate:
  1. Mojito
  2. Sorrel
  3. Grapefruit Basil
  4. Horchata

I also tasted the pops of others: saffron or saffron & pistachio, chocolate & chili, and some others I can't remember. All were great, but Owen of Casiotone and I preferred the Mojito flavored pop over all the rest. It was maybe better than the $9 Mojito I had later that night. Sorrel was definitely the strangest popsicle I've ever eaten; kind of a slightly spicy sweet, very dark red hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa?). Not at all unpleasant, and a nice break from the strong sweetness of more common flavors.

My desire for convenience would love to see Loco Pops propagate to every city like Starbucks, but not if it makes this one less special. It is very special.

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Phil said...

LocoPops now has storefronts in Chapel Hill and downtown Durham, if that puts them any closer to you :-)